Private lessons at Arbutus Music are simply FUN!    Our instructors are top notch and our lessons are fun and effective.     We love to watch and hear our students grow creatively and see them become confident musicians!

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The Computer Lab

The Arbutus Music Computer Lab is the first of its kind in the Nanaimo region.

The music industry is constantly changing and the need for continued education is being addressed by Arbutus Music by  inviting many of the music professionals in the area to come and share both their knowledge and experience with the up and coming artists of today.

From recording programs to music business, Arbutus Music is striving to leave no question unanswered for those wishing to create a career out of music.

Providing courses, seminars, workshops and demonstrations, Arbutus Music is leading the way in enabling access to affordable knowledge, experience and advice from successful music career-minded people.


The Workshop Room

The Arbutus Music Workshop Room is a space for music discovery.

In an attempt to bring people together again, from parents and children to teenagers and grandparents, the Arbutus Music Workshop Room is envisioned as the "gathering place" at Arbutus Music.

From Toddler Tunes and Family Music to Guitar Building and Campfire Songs, the Workshop Room invites music lovers of all ages to learn together.  Workshops for composition, jazz theory, the history of music and modal thinking are just waiting for you to discover.